File tax for business or individual

Helping businesses and individuals to file their tax returns in 2019 tax season. Our office published a checklist to assist with collection of required tax slips and documents for accountants. Please use the link:

Contact our office / 604-719-5202 / to file your taxes. #olgalipnitskaya #northshoreaccountant #northshoretax #taxincanada #vancouveraccountant #accountantinvancouver #filecorporatetax #filetax #cpa #taxtips #olgacpa #onlinebusiness #businessincanada #taxplanning

Rental Income

Rent income

Rental income.
Income earned from renting out property would be rental income or business income depending on the duration of the rental and the types of services included in the rental agreement. Contact our  Chartered Professional Accountant office in north shore to get more details.Rent income

Review Engagement Report North Shore Accountant

Effective December 2017 The accountant would issue a new Independent Practitioner’s Review Engagement Report.

Review Engagement Report often required by banks and lenders when company applies for bank loans.

Please contact our office to get more details.

Paypal Sales and Canadian tax

More and more clients use Paypal and Square for their sales. It’s very convenient. However, recently CRA has requested Paypal to disclose details for Business Account holders. Please make sure Paypal Sales are correctly recorded in self-employed tax returns and corporate tax returns.