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Olga Accountant Vancouver

CPA BC is proud of female leaders running businesses in BC.

CPA BC recognizes inspirational leaders in it’s Annual Membership Program.

Public and private sector companies need more woman leaders. By providing choice, being open to innovative solutions, and proving greater flexibility in the workplace, balance of work and life can be supported. This will enable more woman to join the workforce and create a better work environment that places people first.

File tax for business or individual

Helping businesses and individuals to file their tax returns in 2019 tax season. Our office published a checklist to assist with collection of required tax slips and documents for accountants. Please use the link: http://lcpa.ca/tax-services-north-vancouver/

Contact our office Olga@LCPA.ca / 604-719-5202 / www.LCPA.ca to file your taxes. #olgalipnitskaya #northshoreaccountant #northshoretax #taxincanada #vancouveraccountant #accountantinvancouver #filecorporatetax #filetax #cpa #taxtips #olgacpa #onlinebusiness #businessincanada #taxplanning