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CPA_accountantPersonal Income Tax Preparation and Tax Return Filing

 Checklist what to bring to your accountant:


☐ Please download, fill in and drop to our office the attached form: Information for Personal Tax Return.


Notice of Assessment

 Legal names, SIN and birthdays for all family members

Employment Income – T4 slips

Dividends, Interests, Mutual funds- T3 / T5

Tuition receipts – T2202A

All other slips: T4E, T4A, T5018, T5013, T4A-AOS, T5007

RRSP contribution slips

Medical expenses receipts

Child care expenses

Donation tax receipts

☐ Details relating to Purchase and Sale of Real Estate, including principal residence

Rental Income and expense records (excel spreadsheet)

Business Income and Expense records (excel spreadsheet)

Home Office Expenses, if applicable

Auto Expenses, if applicabel

Foreign interest or Dividends slips

Assets outside Canada over $100,000


Tax Services North Vancouver


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Tax Services North Vancouver