CPA_accountantPersonal Income Tax Preparation and Tax Return Filing

 Checklist what to bring to your accountant:


☐ Legal names, SIN and birthdays for all family members

☐ Copy of last year Tax Return, if not prepared by our office

☐ Notice of Assessment from CRA

☐ Legal names, SIN and birthdays for all family members

☐ Employment Income – T4 slips

☐ Dividends, Interests, Mutual funds- T3 / T5

☐ All other slips: T4E, T4A, T5018, T5013, T4A-AOS, T5007

☐ RRSP contribution slips

☐ Tuition receipts – T2202A

☐ Medical expenses receipts

☐ Child care expenses

☐ Donation tax receipts

☐ Details relating child support, spousal support

☐  Form T2200 Declaration of condition of employment

☐ Details relating to Purchase and Sale of Real Estate, including principal residence

☐ Rental Income and expense records (excel spreadsheet)

☐ Business Income and Expense records (excel spreadsheet)

☐ Home Office Expenses, if applicable

☐ Auto Expenses, if applicable

☐ Foreign interest or Dividends slips

☐ Assets outside Canada over $100,000


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